Our “Method” is to Respect Life

Our “Method” is to Respect Life

We assume that when we begin to study life we can all become aware of deeper, timeless principles. In human development there are developmental principles, which let us unfold our potential in an unrestricted way, when we honor and respect them. One of these life principles is our deepest nature to be in connection.

When we feel connected, there is space for curiosity. And out of this curiosity the basic need of every human being for autonomy, development and self-realization - in connection - emerges.

Following this thought, we might become aware of the fact that there is something much more intelligent operating as a healthy power in each of us behind the common belief that development only happens when we take care for it to happen by putting pressure on it. This is the intelligence of life itself. 

When we take the time to sit down and watch our children curiously and openly, we begin to perceive more and more. We notice how a child that feels seen begins to center him/herself and becomes curious and creative. Or we notice that, when a child that has enough time for physical movement in nature or unstructured play,he/she begins to feel comfortable and grounded. Or we realize that he/she has lost his/her inner balance and needs us after a visit or an inappropriate experience in order to feel his/her frustration, to ground his/her pain and to center him/herself through the simple connection with us.

We all intuitively recognize such developmental and life processes and can begin to stay curious about what might block our way at times. To stay curious about the place in ourselves when we began to separate ourselves from us due to our own history. It is relaxing for us to know that the children will sooner or later give feedback in case we have missed to respond to something that has been needed. What is relaxing about that is: we do not need to know it in advance. Children are like invitations from God. In the first moment, they seem to be speaking encrypted in a foreign language. But when we listen to what is speaking beyond their behaviours without letting ourselves be confused by those, we begin to recognize life more and more precisely and we will wake up to more and more subtle perception and deeper connection.

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