The Principles

The paradigm of connectedness

It is time to explore new pathways in parenting.

Our method is to respect life

TransParents neither follows a new form of pedagogy, nor devotes itself to a certain method. It is more about a turn towards life. Which developmental processes are respected so that a child can unfold healthily?

Parental Leadership

Children, especially ‘immature children’ up to the age of 7, need adults who give them clear, loving guidance.

Immature Children

Immature children are what we call children under the age of 7 because they are immature in terms of brain development.

Attachment-Based Approach

The function of attachment bonding is the formation of the self and the sense of self.

Adult consciousness

Unlike the focus of a conventional parenting manual, the approach of TransParents concentrates primarily on the inner state of the adult who cares for the child, rather than on changing the childish behaviour itself.


Every inner healing movement within us, which allows us to enter our original river of life again has tremendous effects on our children, on the societal architecture and on life on our planet.

Natural learning

Though natural learning is the most common thing that people do, it is very fragile whenever we neglect the principles of life. Natural learning presupposes that a child feels  connected to him/herself, safe and secure.

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