Teresa Heidegger

What I have to offer

I accompany parents with getting more into connection with themselves and their agency. Only from this mature place are we able to see and emotionally understand our children and what it is about with them.

When looking at the children, I support parents with the experience I gathered in the work with TransParents and in my research on the knowledge about attachment by Gordon Neufeld. I also accompany parents (couples) in getting into an appreciative, honest and open relational space with each other and to deeper seeing each other. In that, I encourage recognizing where we raise immature projections onto our partner and what it means to completely take them back to ourselves.

Specific areas of focus and services

Mediation and supervision for couples/coaching of couples

Root cause research and coaching with all kinds of problems with children at places, where we have lost the warm and open connection to them, i.a.

  • Problems with aggression
  • Dealing with demanding children
  • Dealing with immature children below 7 years of age
  • Sibling dynamics

About myself

I am passionate about and interested in supporting people in looking with love, curiosity and understanding at what they “have become”, instead of treating themselves like a “broken chair”-how Marshall Rosenberg used to call it. From this place of self acceptance it is more about changing actions which are not life-promoting (especially in our interaction with children) in order to ensure them a truly safe growing up.

I see it as the chance of us humans today that we have the possibility to look at our traumatic history and to get support for those places in us, which seem to be controlling us. Like that, it is possible for us to stop repeating our past over and over again and despite the best intentions unconsciously passing it onto the next generation. This is my calling when I accompany parents to deeper see and understand themselves and their children.

Qualifications and further education

  • studies in education, psychology and sociology
  • training in nonviolent communication, certified trainer for 13 years
  • training in systemic family counseling
  • basic training at Dr. Gordon Neufeld
  • Thomas Huebl Timeless Wisdom Training

I have three teachers, who have influenced my life and work in a sustainable way. With Marshall Rosenberg I have begun to learn what it means to feel instead of to think and to show myself vulnerable. Thomas Huebl taught me what it means to grow up and to develop the capacity to ground particularly fear. My son Josha has taught me deep devotion to life and has been my spiritual teacher since his birth. Only with him have I come to understand what it means to love unconditionally.


Teresa Heidegger


Coaching and individual sessions via Skype and in Berlin and Werder/Havel. A good hour of time. Please take time for integration afterwards without your children.

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