Jens Bode

What I have to offer

With an attitude of care and curiosity I support clients with finding their own answers to their questions of being a parent, and to being in relation. In the dance between the longing for development on the one hand and the obstacles we are facing on the other hand, I invite space for natural intelligence, leading us to solutions beyond the known.

My professional psychotherapeutic knowledge, my knowledge about attachment, development and parental guidance through the work with TransParents, and as a father, harmonically flows into those areas where information seems helpful.

Specific areas of focus and services

  • Support with self-exploration and (emotional) self-regulation, especially in challenging situations of parents’ everyday life
  • Dynamics in parents’ relationship as a couple, coaching of couples
  • Accompanying children with experiences of loss and sadness
  • Accompanying children with a tendency to alpha-behaviour
  • Children below 7 years (understanding and dealing with immaturity of children)

About myself

I am a physician and work in a practice for psychosomatic medicine. The healing power of related attunement has fascinated me for years. Nearly all mental suffering has its roots in our past relational experiences and influences the relation to ourselves and to others in the present and can be healed in a conscious relation to ourselves. The work by and with TransParents in this sense has a double meaning for me: Adults finding a space for development and unfolding their freedom and relational capacity, and at the same time, the children,whose life is significantly shaped by us, immediately benefitting from these efforts.

Stages on my developmental path have been Nonviolent Communication (M. Rosenberg), the medical practice in internal medicine of an anthroposophic clinic, working in drug addiction, a training in Behavioural Therapy, the work in a schema-therapy oriented psychosomatic clinic and the confrontation with the topic of developmental trauma, especially the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM®) by Dr. L. Heller.

I am the father of my beloved 7-year old relational teacher Timo, who, like no other, provokes a reaction from me…

Professional training

  • Licensed Doctor and Doctorate in Medicine
  • Training in Behaviour Therapy at IVB, Berlin

Further education

  • NARM® therapist in training
  • Advanced trainings in schema-therapy
  • Education in therapeutic puppet play
  • Basic training in nonviolent communication
  • Course facilitator and coach for parents in education at TransParents


Jens Bode

Tel. 01575 9649352

The costs of the coaching sessions will be determined individually.

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