Guidance and Coaching for parents, professionals, teams and institutions.

Our team is specialized in different areas of focus. It ranges from empathic listening up to extensive guidance on topics such as immaturity of children, problems with aggression and parental guidance, etc. We offer individual coachings, in which we support parents to get into deeper connection with themselves, so that afterwards it becomes possible to see the children without the filter of one’s own history. We also give counseling for teams and institutions. We all work according to the principles of TransParents.


We offer on-site or online guidance.


Costs will be discussed individually upon request.


At certain points, we as parents and pedagogy specialists, need specific shared spaces in order to turn to our own traumas and attachment traumas. At this point, we recommend working with professional therapists, especially those who are familiar with developmental trauma and those who have a well-founded education and longer practice period in NARM®  (= “NeuroAffective Relational Model” by Dr. Laurence Heller).

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