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  • 29.-31.10.2021
  • 10.-12.12.2021

The course fee for the Basic Course depends on your income. Parents with shared family income are asked to add both incomes and then divide by two.

Course fee for parents or professionals with a monthly income of*

Category A: monthly income up to €900,-                                 160 EUR

Category B: monthly income between €900,- and € 1.500,-         190 EUR

Category C: monthly income between €1.600,- and € 2.400,-      240 EUR

Category D: monthly income more than € 2.400                         270 EUR

  • Category A - 160 EUR
  • Category B - 190 EUR
  • Category C - 240 EUR
  • Category D - 270 EUR
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General information

The TransParents One-year Training Programme can only be booked as a package. The single weekends cannot be booked separately. We principally do not carry out return transfers, if someone misses the seminars, as work and costs are still incurred.

Every participant is responsible for their own physical and mental health. TransParents assume no liability for such damage.

Cancellation Policy

Withdrawal from registrations have to be in written form.

For protection against financial losses due to the fact that you might not be able to keep the contract under certain circumstances, we highly recommend taking out a seminar insurance.

Workshops/ Basic Courses/ other offers

If you cancel your registration for a workshop or seminar up until 2 weeks before the event, we will charge a € 20,- handling fee. After that we will charge the full registration fee. If a person from the waiting list can move up, we will only charge the handling fee.

One-year Training Programme

You can withdraw your registration up until 8 weeks before the start of the one-year training programme. In this case, TransParents charges a handling fee of € 50,-.

In case of a withdrawal up until 4 weeks before the start, 50 % of the costs for the one-year training programme will be charged. 100% of the costs are to be paid at a later withdrawal, unless a participant can move up from the waiting list. In this case, we will only charge the handling fee of € 50,-.

There is no right to reimbursement of the registration fee in case of missed modules during the one-year training programme.

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