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TransParents - Basic Course

- From education to relation -

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This course is required in order to attend the TransParents One-Year Training and can also be booked as a single event for anyone interested.

What can you expect from the Basic Course?

With a lot of practical space for your own experience this Basic Course will give you an understanding of the principles that the work of TransParents is based on. One main focus is to experience the effects that a conscious connection to ourselves as adults has on the relationship to conflict with children - even in seemingly unsolvable conflict situations. This Basic Course is required in order to attend the TransParents One-Year Training for parents and pedagogy specialists.


  • Conscious self-awareness. What does it mean to be truly mature?
  • Significance of attachment for safe and lovable guidance of children.
  • What does parental guidance in a related connection mean?
  • Which inner requirements in the adults does the paradigm shift from education to relation need?
  • Learning to listen: What does the child tell me or actually wants to show me? Which needs are behind his/her rejection or anger? How can I begin to understand the child on a deeper level? At this point, we get to know the tool of “Transparent Communication”
  • Distinction between authentic needs and compensation.
  • What does honoring the autonomous expression for children imply and how do I communicate my own needs and boundaries instead of using the so-called pillars of education, such as guilt, shame, praise and punishment.

We practice to establish a self-responsible and empathic connection to ourselves and learn to understand the world of our children’s perspective in order to get into a relationship with them from there.

During the online format, we gather in small groups in so-called breakout sessions, which are personally assisted by our experienced team. All exercises are carried out just as in the live format.

For whom is the Basic Course?

This training is for all parents, educational and pedagogy specialists, who are interested in guiding children on the basis of a fundamental paradigm shift into life.

Workshop hours

Online format:

Friday: 6-9 pm / Saturday: 9 - 11 am, 1 - 3 pm & 4-5.30 pm / Sunday: 9 - 11- am & 1.30-2 pm CET, evening follow-up meeting approx. 2 weeks later 8.30-10 pm CET

Costs 2021

Parents with shared family income are welcome to add both incomes and divide them by two.

€ 900,- income per month

160,00 €

€ 900,- to 1500,- income per month

190,00 €

€ 1500,- to 2200,- income per month

240,00 €

more than € 2200,- income per month

270,00 €

If there are people with substantial loss of income due to the current Corona Crisis or other reasons and therefore wish for a price reduction in order to attend, please let us know. Money should not be a hindrance!

The english Basic Courses will be held Online. 

Seminar insurance

As we cannot reimburse costs due to withdrawal outside of our cancellation policy, we recommend taking out a seminar insurance. Here is a possible recommendation: httpss://

Your Team

Anna Joseph

Leadership Basic Training and Assistant

Jens Bode

Leadership Basic Training and Assistant 

Carla Tradt

Strategic Support and Organisational Development

Michael Anderau

Lead on Basic Training and Assistant

Teresa Heidegger

Lead on Basic Training and Assistant

Susanne Willkommen

Leadership Basic Training and Assistance

The Basic Course is a requirement for the TransParents One-Year Training 

This Course meets the requirements for attending a Transparents One-Year Training (6 Modules), in which we train parents and educational and pedagogy specialists, accompanying children to live with children in an authentic, competent and powerful way.

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