Our Programs

We invite parents and people working with children to learn more about the (new) paradigm of connection plus about themselves and their own life´s processes. We offer a range of live and online Trainings together with the TransParents Team on the basis of our principles.

At the moment our focus has been Programs and Trainings in German language, where we offer a wide range of different programs. We are slowly transferring some of our Trainings into English. Please stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter if you want to know more about our English developments.

Mini Course

The free online Mini Course gives you a first impression how TransParents works. Plus showing  you how you can connect with your children. The Mini Cours will be soon available in English.

Basic Course

In this live introductory workshop you will get to know the basics of the paradigm shift of parenthood in theory and practice. This course is a prerequisite for  getting to know each other before the One-Year Training.


Coachings for parents, professionals, teams and institutions. Our team is specialized in different areas of focus.

Who are we addressing with our programs?

TransParents programs are for parents, professionals and other interested people, who want to devote themselves to a fundamentally new culture in living together with children. Our programs are based on the principles of TransParents.

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