TransParents - The Platform for Transformational Parenting


New Training as of February 2016. Further information here.

  • What would it be like if, as a child, you had been acknowledged and supported to the full depths of your being?
  • What would a world loook like in which children and parents could experience great joy in one another?
  • What does it mean if we recognise accompanying our children through life to be a journey of personal growth for us?

KirschbluetenWe will inspire you to a culture in our dealings with children where this dream can become a reality - for children and for parents.

Deep down, everyone wants to find a connection with others and develop their own potential. Our fundamental drive for love and growth leads us to want to fathom out these fundamental needs more deeply.

At a time when we are all absorbed with how to bring up our children, we invite you all to relate to children, partners and the life in and around us on a deeper level.

Our work is based on scientific information, as well as on professional and personal experience.
In addition to this, we incorporate the insights of various wisdom traditions, and in doing so, acquaint ourselves with more profound and timeless mystic principles.
Through this connection between external and innerscience, we are able to develop an integral guide for parenthood.